Teknik Sipil dan Lingkungan

infrastructure network in order to find an implementation strategy. Methodologies used are: trend analysis of population and build up area, LQ, and Skalogram analysis to determine regional hierarchy; Geographic Information System analysis on aerial photograph and (hematic map; created green infrastructure network based on English Nature Greenspaces criteria. The results show that Depok has landscape typologies that can be enhanced to became Hubs and Links in green infrastructure concept, like: Town Forest, Town Park, Lakes, Rivers, Streets, areas along High Electrical Networks, areas along gas pipe, train lines, and other specific location. The green infrastructure network is about 3,609 hectares. Establishment of the green infrastructure network as conservation area is the strategy for implementatioil of the green infrastructure concept. Keywords: green infrastructure, green spaces, hub, links, network

Sumber : Herwirawan, F.X.; Zain, Alinda F.M.; Baskoro, Dwi Putro Tejo.2010. Landscape Structure Analysis to Develop Green Infrastructure Network in Depok City.

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